Congratulations to Eleanor Harper for winning the Staff Fishing Derby, May 3, 2019!!!

Staff Fishing Derby May 3, 2019

Longest Fish - 11 am - 3 pm - Band Office Dock


1st – Vehicle (Equinox) – Winner: Eleanor Harper

2nd – One Return Airfare + $300

3rd – One Way Airfare + $200

4th – One Way Airfare

5th – 1 Hour Dozer

6th – Gravel

7th – $100

8th – 46 litres gas

Smallest fish “23 Litres Gas”

Focusing on training our young adults in woodworking, logging, sawmilling, job readiness, carpentry, plumbing, electrical and construction  also building culturally appropriate durable housing which is much required.

The Community Needs To Develop Professional Tradespeople 

With all the construction of school, sewage treatment plant and teacherages in the next five years, the community needs to develop professional tradespeople who are electrical Red Seal, plumbing Red Seal and carpentry Red Seal, as well as competent labourers. The Boreal Home Builders program will support our young people towards getting skills, knowledge and apprenticeships