Jerry Knott, Director of Operations, being welcomed by Chief Gary Knott on his new appointment

Message From The Director Of Operations of Wasagamack First Nation

“It is my heartfelt joy to be welcomed by you Chief and may the Creator give me strength and the vision to fulfill my mission to take Wasagamack First Nation to the next level. 

I have had held various positions prior to this position in Wasagamack from being Chief to Health Director and even crossed the ocean as a representative of Wasagamack in Asia. I have been the founding member of  a vision of Wasagamack Nahkaway Development Corporation which has yet to be congealed for the betterment of a self-sustaining economic development. 

"The Youth Is My First Focus and Their Future is the Future of Wasagamack"

In Today’s world, college diplomas get obsolete before they are given. It is my desire to find better ways to make each Youth self-sufficient and strong emotionally and financially to serve the First Nation of Wasagamack. I need all the help that you can give me and I need the criticism to correct my ways, if any thing wrong I do. “