Chief Gary Knott

Message From The Chief Of Wasagamack First Nation

“Being raised by my Grand Parents they gave me the values and the vision which I embraced to become who I am today. 

The people of my Nation chose me to lead them into the future. A future that is changing faster than time can handle. 

We have a lot of catching up to do, to build our Youth to be strong and powerful, to face this fast changing world and become future leaders of our Nation. 

We will bring the future into our present while solidly grounded in our traditional and ancestral culture. Our ancestral culture has kept us alive and strong, to have survived the ravages of residential school experiences and stay free and be free. 

"I want to move forward, leave the past behind and put God first"

We value our Elders and their teachings as the foundation of our culture. Our Elders are an integral part of our culture and our Nation. 

We welcome you to join us in our effort to make our Nation spiritually, economically and socially strong. We will also, in return,  contribute to your success and live in peace and harmony. 

We are a proud Nation with a vision which supersedes all limitations that has been holding us back in the past. 

We will make our regrets into our strength and move on to building a prosperous Nation. “