Empowered Train The Trainer Entrepreneurial Project Group

A group picture after a 2 day training course in Winnipeg, July 4-5, 2019. The Train The Trainer Entrepreneurial Group Members left to right: Roxanne Harper, Jake Harper, Delina Harper, Christian Knott, Neil Thompson, Gilbert Monias, Tulshi Sen, Lucie Harper, Ernie Harper, Amanda Harper, Derek Harper, Madeline Knott

Watch Elder Lucie Harper Talking About The Program

Lucie Harper, Training Support Services/Mentor

Youth Delina Harper Discusses the WFN Empowered Train The Trainer Entrepreneurial Project

WFN Empowered Train The Train Entrepreneurial Project

Developing a Youth Entrepreneurial Culture from within Wasagamack First Nation by Training Trainers of Wasagamack First Nation  to Train the Youth of Wasagamack First Nation and other Nations if need be (Island Lake).

A group of six entrepreneurs have been building websites and finding products to market to the world.

Led by Elder Lucie Harper, the initial six entrepreneurs are Madeline Knott, Amanda Harper, Derek Harper, Jake Harper and Delina Harper.

Purpose of the Program

Awaken To Opportunities to Create a New Vision

  • Personal Development to Awaken the Individual to a new world of opportunities and the great choices that are accessible to all in Today’s World. Paradigm shift of the individual to fit the times we live in. To lead productive creative lives as per their needs and interests.
  • How to become self employed and build a business from one’s home from the Rez with global reach and no previous experience.

Personal Development

 Enhancing self esteem, self image and self confidence by self empowerment to unmask the powerful individual within.

  • Enlarging choices to build their own capacity – the range of things that they can do or be in life in light of the level playing fields created by globalization and digitization.
  • How to set Visions and Goals with this new self empowered personality with the opportunities/choices available in Today’s World.