“A Big Revenue Generation” – Chief Alex McDougall Discusses The Importance Of WNDC For The Community

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“When WNDC is created and developed and working and we buy from our own company and we minimize our costs dealing directly with factories and maybe we get a fair profit from buying from our own distribution company WNDC. It goes back to the community to support other programs.”


Our Mission

It is the mission of WNDC to build a self-sustaining economy within the First Nation of Wasagamack.

This mission will be accomplished using three channels.


1) Partnerships with enterprises outside of Wasagamack as a resource


2) To help Wasagaamack entrepreneurs get a head start in building enterprises


3) Training Youths and Adults to become entrepreneurs by empowering, motivating and supplying all the resources to build enterprises



“This Is One Thing We See Will Benefit The Community – Councillor Alfred McDougall

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“We are responsible to bring in what’s beneficial for the community. This is one thing we see that would benefit the community…The money that comes to the community just goes right out – it doesn’t benefit the community. This is one of objective that we see that would benefit the community. Once we develop our corporation, if we use that money we get from the Government to buy through the corporation, the money will stay in the community and not the outside company. That is our goal.”